Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Highlights

1. Hayden decided today was "Clothing Optional" Day. I spent 15 minutes trying to catch him.

2. I wrestled Hayden in and out of his monkey costume twice. Once for Mark's office, once for trick-or-treating.

3. Our fog machines at Mark's office set the fire alarm off. The whole building had to evacuate for 5 minutes. During that time the kids got hot so we had to take off their costumes. We had only been there 5 minutes in costume, spent the other hour without.

4. Hayden was enamored with another child at Mark's office who was dressed as Tigger. With a HUGE grin on his face he followed the poor kid around, sniffing him, and trying to give him kisses. The kid eventually flipped out and almost started crying. Heh.

5. On the way back home Mark and I decided to "split" the kids, now that we have an extra car seat in Mark's car. Unfortunately for Mark, when he got out to his car he found the carseat had been messed with. All the straps were in backwards. A practical joke of someones? We still don't know. Took him 15 minutes to correct it.

6. Hayden trick-or-treats at only one house, but manages to have a complete meltdown and tries to jump in their fish pond. Both me and our neighbor are yelling at him at one point. Ugh.

7. We bought treats, juice, and sodas for the trick-or-treaters and parents in an effort to get to know some neighbors. However, the conversations went mostly like this: "Hi I'm Mark, this is my wife Melissa." "Hi Mark, hi Melissa". Somehow the fine art of introductions has been lost in this day and age. Oh well.

8. Corbin hated his banana costume because it had no openings for his feet. He prefers his feet "loose"!

9. During the madness fire alarms and passing out candy, we didn't get one picture of our kids dressed up.

10. I ate way too many Reese's Cups.

11. After trick-or-treating was over, Mark and I threw on Star Trek IV and passed out 30 minutes into it.

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Jendawg said...

Happy Halloween! I love you guys! :)