Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two Years On This Earth

How to have an easy , stress-free, and inexpensive 2 year old's birthday party:

1. Instead of the very expensive bouncy house/inflatable place, have it at the park for free. Springwoods park on Anderson Mill has a miniature pavilion that you don't have to reserve. (They also have a giant pavilion that has a huge deposit if you need space). Decorate with balloons from last year! We found Cars party stuff for 50% off and it's Hayden's favorite!

2. This park has a great toddler play scape - free entertainment! Bring the uncles and grandma to help corral the crazy birthday boy! Thanks Brian, Michael and Mom Z!

3. Make your own cakes! Yummy fat-free chocolate cake.

4. Have super friends and family that get Hayden all kinds of loot!! Hayden opened the first gift (a remote control Mater) and runs off with it. He doesn't get back to presents for twenty minutes.

5. Finally bring Hayden back to continue gift opening. We made it through a couple more before he got distracted by another gift.

6. Make sure your toddler doesn't wander off. Have Uncle Brian keep an eye on him.

7. Have little brother behave like an angel and just chill.

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Jendawg said...

What a great party!! I luff your babies! :)