Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 Kids = Time Speeds Up

Why do my days now end around 11pm? Not end as in sleeping, but end of parenting duties (mostly). I used to have the luxury of most nights ending at 8 or 9 at the latest when it was just Hayden. Now it seems Hayden goes down late and Corbin even later.

All that to say my butt is kicked at the end of the day. I sit here at 10:30 (Corbin is still settling into sleep) and wonder where my night went. It feels like I should be heading to bed - like now - but I haven't yet experienced any "down" time. I need that down time. So my downtime now occurs between 11-12pm.

But I can't complain too much, Corbin IS sleeping through the night. Last night I got 8pm-7am. Wahoo! However, I'm paying for it during the day. Naps are all over the place and when he's up he wants to be in the presence of his Momma! As long as he can look at me and smile/interact he's happy. As soon as I get up to do something he goes nuts! He is definitely aware of his environment now and he prefers me in it. He wants entertainment, but he's still too small for a lot of our baby stuff. And the activity mats not doing it for him.

So with his new "needs" I'm definitely feeling the stress. I'm completely spent at the end of the day - thank goodness I get to "recharge" overnight.

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