Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Wrong

So yeah, I'm getting ready this morning and realize that I'm as hairy as a Sasquatch - a quick leg shave is in order. And happened.

So new Moms know about the baby pooch. The lovely "parting gift" your children leave you with after they exit the womb. Anywho. I have one leg up on the sink and am bending over sporting the even bigger baby pooch that way and my toddler wanders into the bathroom.

He flashes me a big grin and then ... he squeezes the baby pooch like his discovered a new squeaky toy on his Momma's body. What the? Oh that's soooo wrong. One day you'll pay for that one kid!!!!!


Jendawg said...

Uh, HAHAHA! That's hysterical, and yes, SO freaking wrong! That kid has a sense of humor just like his daddy...hehehe.

Gail said...

Another thing I just realized is some of the inches you lose on your stomache, you think you lost them, and then you look in the mirror, to only realize they migrated to your backside...