Friday, September 26, 2008

Hmmm...Post Title....Insert Something Witty Here...

So back in 66' when I graduated from high school....

A few weeks ago I toyed around with Yearbook Yourself and let's just say, I think I was a man in the 50's. That 5 o'clock shadow is killer! Let's just say I won't be posting that pic. And the 80's well...I'm still recovering from the trauma.

Anywho...I'm still arguing with myself about working out - it goes something like this:

Me who wants to work out: I should work out.

Me who doesn't want to work out: And when do you think you're going to do that?

Good me: I'm not far from my goal weight, some cardio and strength training and I'm there.

Bad me: You can't even pull down your treadmill and you'll kill yourself trying to even get to the boxing bag.

Good me: Maybe I can do a DVD workout.

Bad me: Your kidding right? You know how that Yoga video ends - i.e. you lying on the floor while the rest of the Yoga video class is doing downward-facing dog. The Tai-Bo one is even more of a joke - you flailing your arms 5 steps behind. And let's not even start on the Pilates - the term dancing hippo comes to mind. You should just go eat a donut.

Good me: I love donuts.

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Shelley said...

Now that the gym is TOTALLY inconvenient, there are a whole new slew of excuses I can come up with for NOT going to the gym. Unfortunately, I already paid to run 13.1 miles and HAVE to at least do some run/walking... hmmmm...and I don't even have two beautiful excuses like you do.