Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cooler Weather!!!

Okay, first of all, I'm totally psyched that it didn't hit 90 degrees today until after 12!! Woot.

Hey, if you don't live in Texas you may not understand the enormity of that statement - but let me just say it's freakin hot here!! But this morning it was an awesome 80 degrees with a cool breeze. Yes, that's right a COOL breeze. Not a nasty hot breath breeze like usual.

I got a call from a good friend and we went on an impromptu walk! You've never seen me pack up the kids, strollers, sippy, snacks, etc so fast. Oh and I pumped up the tires in my joggy stroller cause they were seriously low. And like that, we were off to the park. I'm getting good at this, I think it only took me 10 minutes to get out of the house. Okay, maybe 15, but still.

So this day is going pretty well. Corbin surprises me every day. In usual mothering fashion, I always worry if he's getting enough attention - Hayden is louder and more demanding. But I've learned today that I shouldn't worry about my little guy, when he wants love he'll let you know. Today after I put down Hayden for a nap, I went to put down Corbin and he let out the angriest cry I've ever heard. I thought maybe he'd settle down into sleep, but he didn't, so I went back to him and figured that I'd move him to the swing. No, he didn't want that either. He wanted his Momma. So he snuggled up in my arms and 10 minutes later he was out. I'm glad he can let me know when he needs some Momma time. His cries are amazing. He definitely has an angry cry. I can't say that I remember Hayden having an angry cry. Corbin's angry cry is definite and even comes with the biggest frowning face I've ever seen. Other than that he's a super laid back baby.

He got back on schedule last night and only woke me up at once around 4:30am. He woke again at 8am. Now that's a schedule I can live with. If he continues this I'll probably put the boys in the same room soon. If he started sleeping through the night that would be best, but I'm not sure when that will start happening.

Tomorrow is Corbin's pediatric urologist follow up appointment. We should hear the results of the tests he had about a month ago. Although, I already know that there was no kidney function seen in the left kidney, but I am curious about the bladder reflux test. From all we've been told, unless there is another problem, they aren't going to do much else. I'm just hoping the appointment goes quickly and there are no other problems. I'd also like to end the antibiotics if he doesn't need them.

Oh and I have to say Robyn totally saved me from abandoning my diet efforts. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hit a plateau after the 12 lb loss and was starting to get frustrated, but after reading that I'm rededicated!! I just need to find some time to start exercising. HA! Last night we went to the parenting group again (I'm glad to say Hayden behaved much better this time), and they asked the question "If you lost one hour out of your day, what would you cut out?". I had to laugh, because other than the occasional reading/writing of blogs (which I usually do while nursing) most of what I do is VERY necessary. One of my kids would have to go without food or diaper changes, haha. I guess it's the season of life I'm in. I'm usually doing a few things at once. I might be watching TV, but I'm usually doing it while making dinner or lunch. I'm checking email while nursing. I read while on the toilet! HA! I never just get to do ONE THING. Hehe. The day I get to do that, I must be on vacation or something. I even pray while taking a shower (hey it's my only alone time).

Yesterday I found out that I will be cooking for an additional 2-4 folks for Thanksgiving. That makes 8 total. I think I should start thinking about the menu soon, haha. I always wanted a full house for Thanksgiving, and I guess I got my wish. I just wasn't expecting it this year. If there are 8 I'm not sure how we will work table space, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. This has inspired Mark to fry our turkey again this year. Which I won't complain about - it's delicious and less work for me!

Oh and last night Hubby and I got in a fight over a banana. HA! Beat that. We ended the night dressing up in Corbin's banana costume in honor of our ridiculous fight. :P

I'm ending this post with a bunch of bloggy love for Nie. Her amazing love for life shames me for not enjoying my own more. Prayers to her and her family. This has affected me in ways I can't begin to write about.

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Shelley said...

You are lovely doll! Keep up the good work, put 'em elbow to elbow at the table...don't forget the official "kid's table", and you're totally great. lovelove to you Friend!!