Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day Without Technology

Oh internet how I've missed thee. At around 1:45 pm today we had a power outage, and a phone outage, and a cable outage (although with the power outage we didn't know that yet). The power came back on about 2 hours later. The cable about 8 hours later. And the phone, well it's still out.

Why it was out? That I'm still wondering. Something about a main line down when talking to the power company. So whatever happened - it was big enough to screw up this entire neighborhood. Probably some rogue construction worker accidentally bulldozing the wrong patch of land...oops.

So for two whole hours I did NOT know what to do with myself. Mark and I ended up taking a nap (the boys were already down for naps) because it was starting to get HOT.

But, that power outage got me thinking. Thinking about how DRAWN I am to the laptop and TV when it's available. And the moment it wasn't, all sorts of new possibilities started coming into my mind. I started thinking about cleaning, organizing, and doing those projects I've been putting off. (Not that I did that, no, I took a nap!)

Maybe I should institute a "No Technology" day and see what happens. No TV, laptop, heck maybe even no music. It was odd how silent the house was, but it was peaceful too. I kind of liked it.

As you can see, I finally caught one of Corbin's smiles! Hubby and I spent a good chunk of time trying to get a picture of one! As soon as the camera was up, he'd give us a huge grin - I know he was laughing at us.

And of course Hayden had to get in on the action:

Here's his best "kissing" face impression!

Does he get his devilish good looks from his Momma...

Or his Daddy??

You be the judge. :P

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AndreAnna said...

I love his big head of hair!!