Friday, September 26, 2008

Pssst...It's Friday

Life is starting to feel normal again. Having two kids is starting to feel familiar. We've got our routines and systems down. We have our "roles".

Having a predictable night routine is helping me feel "in control" and reducing my stress.

I start dinner preparations between 5-5:30. Hayden hops up in the Kitchen Helper in front of the sink and plays with water, bowls and sponges - a lot of fun for him. Corbin chills in his infant seat next to the refrigerator. I throw on a few CDs, Gypsy Kings, Bob Marley, the usual stuff. Then we all play in the kitchen until Daddy comes home!

Once dinner is ready we all sit down to eat, Mark, Hayden and I at the table, Corbin in the swing (sorry dude! no food for you.)

After dinner is usually nursing and/or bottle time for Corbin, then dishes. Then we all head out for a walk. After our walk, one of us heats up Hayden's milk and Mark gets him ready and into bed while I nurse Corbin again and give him his medicine. Then I put him to bed and the parents are done for the day. Whew!

With this new found FREEDOM from parenting chores, we have resumed our game playing and movie watching! Woot. Feels good to have a little time to ourselves again. I can handle this!

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