Friday, September 12, 2008


Ugh! It has finally happened. Both my boys have colds. I knew it was coming, but I had hoped it would hold off for a few more months. Fortunately, they are doing pretty well regardless of their sniffles. Now if I can just stay healthy!!!

Last night we when to a Halloween Express store to look for a monkey costume to complement Corbin's banana costume. We left empty handed, none of the monkey costumes looked much like a monkey. So we're going to keep looking. Last year Hayden was super cute as Tigger! I loved that costume. I saw a ton of cute toddler costumes, but now that Hubby's heart is set on the boys having matching monkey/banana costumes - that doesn't leave much.

I'm exhausted and have nothing left to blog about - so I'll hand it over to you. Are you (or kids) dressing up for Halloween? If so, do you know what your (their) costume will be?


AndreAnna said...

Charlotte is going to be a princess of course, and Sawyer will be a dragon.

Bethany said...

Violet will be a turtle. I bought a cute outfit off Craigslist. It's a little boyish so we may have to glue a big bow on top so people know she's a girl turtle! I like the monkey/banana idea.

Praying for you, Bethany

LeftyMama said...

Haven't settled on anything yet for this year. Last year, we did a family theme with Samson as a crawfish and the parents as cooks wearing chef hats, aprons, and carrying big spoons. It's almost always too hot here for any of the furry and/or thick, padded costumes. We might just do the easy thing and go western this time, as Samson spends half the day in his cowboy hat already.