Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates All Around

Awww, isn't my Mr. Shmiley adorable? Okay, I might be a tad biased, but he's cute right? RIGHT?

My mind is all over the place -what's new right? I never claimed to have organized, well thought out posts. So maybe this one will be a bit more scattered than usual, but whatever!

My little Shmiley pumpkin is growing up too fast! Today I laid him down for some much needed tummy time and he kept his head lifted up for a few minutes! What?! Where did this strength come from? I suppose you'll grow up and get strong whether you get enough tummy time or not. With your big brother stomping around, I'm a bit nervous about letting you lie (lay?) around on the floor all day. Shhh don't tell my conversational English buds that I can't, in fact, speak English... Hey at least there's spell check or this could be a lot worse.

Hayden spending a few more hours a week in childcare has helped tremendously. This Sunday when I dropped him off at his class at church he barely whimpered (enough to make me feel special) and then he ran off to play. So I think (besides the extra germs) these extra "out" activities will be beneficial for all of us. Mommy gets a few minutes twice a week with actual grown ups and Hayden gets lots of social interaction and independence from Mom. Plus he's learning all kinds of new stuff! They were doing colors on Sunday and his teachers told me he was actually trying to say orange, blue and yellow! Wow, that rocks. I'm always happy to see him learning new words since he's not the most verbal critter. Or verbal in English - he's quite talkative in his native tongue - toddler-ese.

On the weight loss front I've lost another pound! That brings us to 14 lbs if I remember correctly. Slowly but surely I'll make it there. I've given up on my unrealistic dreams of drastic quick weight loss. I'm now the tortoise, not the hare. But there is so much more in life to enjoy than being obsessed over weight loss. Ugh, to have that being your whole life is so draining. My life is more than my weight. I'm too busy and loving life too much to get stuck in that rut. So although I'm still low carbing it, I'm allowing room for life. And surprisingly it's working! I've been relaxing on the diet front for the last few weeks and I'm still losing - AND happy. Can't beat that.

My unplugged day rocked! So much so I think I will unplug every Friday. Don't get me wrong, I was in serious internet withdrawals!! But guess what? When I finally did check my email later - only ONE email was important and there was no rush to answer it. Ha! And my blogs? Eh, nothing too exciting (sorry guys). With the TV off, we were free to head out to the duck pond (quite a walk) and Hayden got to see squirrels and ducks and play at the playground. I got some GREAT exercise considering the walk is downhill going and freakin UPHILL coming back ... the whole way... ACK! But it felt good. Oh and the weather last week was so beautiful, I'm glad we enjoyed it, because today...not so nice - it's HOT today. Today I did the walk AGAIN and sheesh I was sweatin'. Which was just perfect since I was supposed to have a friend for lunch and I uh, sort of forgot. Oops! Hope she didn't mind the sweaty, stinky version of me.

Hmmmm...well I guess that's all that's on my crazy brain. I'll just leave you with this...

I feel alive, I feel a love, I feel a love that's really real
I'm on sunshine baby
I'm walking on sunshine
And it's starting to feel good!

Song: Walking on Sunshine
Artist: Katrina & The Waves (Hmmm...interesting name in this decade...)

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LeftyMama said...

Yay! Good stuff. I like having those days myself. Especially now that the weather is cooler and it's actually enjoyable to be outdoors.

Hey, Mel, on an unrelated topic, I just found this awesome blog/recipe list for 365 days of CrockPot meals. Thought you'd enjoy.