Friday, September 5, 2008

The Weekend!!!!

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments!! My mood is much improved today.

Today I cleared some room in my garage and Hayden's room by donating my changing table and glider. I was more than happy to have the extra room, but a small sentimental part of me was sad to see the changing table go. This was the changing table I'd used with Hayden as a little baby. This was the table I spent each morning talking to Hayden while I changed him and he drank his milk. He learned to say "Up" and "Da" on that table. He learned to hum the theme of the simpsons on that table. This table had seen me become a mother. Mark and I put it together long before Hayden came. Yes, I'm sentimental.

But time marches on and Hayden has long passed the weight limit for this table (although we still used it up until today - I'm surprised he didn't fall through the top). After it was gone, I walked into his room looking for the table to do a quick clothing change - but there was an empty space where it sat.

Thanks to IKEA we're getting a changing station that attaches to the top of his cabinet - which can support the weight of a toddler as well as his brother. And this allows us extra room to put in a crib when we're ready. So eventually the boys will share a room. I'm excited for the days when the boys will play together...but I'm in no rush.

Don't grow up so quickly little ones, there's plenty of time for that...later.

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Claire Harvey said...

I am glad that you were able to get some clutter gone...right now I feel like the clutter in our house is pointless because there is no baby. But soon there will be. See you soon and have a great weekend!