Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Corbin Turns 3 Months!

I can hardly believe it's been 3 months since the arrival of our little "smiler". I think I shall give him the nickname Mr. Shmiley because he always seems to be ready to burst into smiles at the sight of Momma or Dadda - even mid cry.

Despite the few health issues we're working through, my little guy has been quite the trooper - even surviving while his big "Bubba" has a serious cold.

Hayden has already adapted to his presence and other than the occasional throwing himself on the floor and feigning death, he's doing well.

We've gone through 3 changes of batteries in the swing because it seems to be Mr. Shmiley's favorite activity, all though the mat gets 2nd place. You've become quite attached to your "Lovey" which is evident from the excessive amounts of drool and spit up on his little doggy head.

He sleeps beautifully in his pack-n-play, which is awesome, because seriously - at 3 months with Hayden I was putting his papasan infant seat (that he slept in) inside his crib to get him just to start sleeping there.

You're gorgeous locks of hair are still in place with limited thinning in some areas. No matter where we go we got lots of "Wow! Look at all that hair" but honestly, with parent like us, you're bound to be hairy. If we ever have a girl we'll have to invest in some hair removal for that poor girl. And Momma will be happy to do it! So don't you worry imaginary daughter, it will be ok!

Mr. Shmiley gifted me with his first full nights sleep two days ago and it rocked! I did not get a repeat performance last night, but I think that had something to do with the changing temperatures and getting cold.

I'm still nursing and hope to continue, although there are days when I feel like giving up. I never have had a large milk supply. But this time around I've gotten over my formula phobias and we supplement with 2-4 ounces every day. I think this arrangement works well. I don't stress about being low in the evenings and you get filling formula before bedtime. I nursed Hayden about 7 months so I'm shooting for at least that, but I'm not going to beat myself up over that if it doesn't happen.

I no longer feel tired all the time and I'm back down to my pre-baby life fat weight. I.e. about 5 lbs less than the heaviest I ever was before having kids. I'm slowly making progress on that front and even if I'm not always losing, I'm definitely NOT gaining. So maintenance rocks!! And last night I restarted my running, something I've always enjoyed. It's the one exercise that never felt like work to me. Maybe it's the runner's high or something.

Life is kicking back in now that I've started Conversational English and Ladies Bible Study this fall. We're hoping to start up a MOPS group soon too and I'm looking forward to lots of walks with all the new Mommies (I think there will be like 8 new babies in all this year with my friends). I'm starting up some new interests like sewing and gardening, well not totally new, but maybe "renewed". Let's see if I don't kill my poor plants by winter.

So all in all, I think it's been a pretty good 3 months little one! Happy Snoring! Hehe...he's snoozing in the swing and sounds like a little piggie.

Oh and here is Hayden's very first picture! He figured out how to do it all by himself:

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