Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day in the Life

<--My life around this time last year.

My life this year:

8:50 pm - Hayden writes on his uncle's couch with a pen. ACK! Time to go home.

9:00 pm - Load everyone and all their crap in the car. Hayden runs out the door and down the driveway. Thank goodness his aunt is there to chase him.

9:15 pm - Pull into driveway, grab spare set of keys, diaper bag, and my purse. Unlock the door and throw bags down. Go get Corbin out of the car (Mark gets Hayden).

9:20 pm - Bathroom break!! Yay!

9:21 pm - Mix Gatorade and Robitussin in a sippy cup for Hayden. He's been coughing all afternoon and the attempt at using a syringe didn't go over well earlier (i.e. his shirt is now soaking in the sink with red stains all over it)

9:23 pm - Pull out Margo Moo Nebulizer for Hayden as well has his medicines for the breathing treatment. He's wheezing. =(

9:25 pm - Change Corbin's diaper

9:28 pm - Bring Corbin upstairs and nurse

9:45 pm - Lay Corbin down to sleep.

9:46pm - Find Mark struggling with Hayden, he doesn't want to sit still for the breathing treatment. Toy Story 2 is playing full blast while I hold his arms down bear-hug style. He eventually calms down and we are able to do the treatment without holding his arms.

10:15pm - Treatment ends. Mark makes his Dr. King (AKA milk) and I can hear Corbin crying. Mark makes me a bottle and I go up to feed Corbin some formula cause Mommy's boobs are on empty.

10:20 pm - Corbin drinks an ounce and falls asleep. I lay him back down hoping he stays asleep.

10:21pm - Aaaaah, parenting is done for the day (day meaning it's almost midnight which would imply a new day where I will wake up again at 4am or sooner...) Time for checking email.

10:50 - Time for sleep, maybe a little bit of reading. My hopes for a shower were dashed by the need for 2 parents during the breathing treatment - maybe tomorrow afternoon.

10:51 pm - Take out contacts, put on pjs, grab pillows off the bed for myself (since Corbin is upstairs and all other rooms are downstairs I've been sleep on the couch so I can hear them - hopefully the boys can share a room soon so I can return to my wonderful bed)

10:55pm - Decide to make some Honey Chamomile tea to relax since I've realized I had way too many Diet Mt. Dews today...argh. Drink a quick 8 ounces of water while I wait.

10:59 pm - Drink tea and read more of my current book Merry Hall

11:50 pm - Sleeeep

6:30 am - Mark says goodbye and I realize Corbin has slept through the night for the first time. I spend the next 10 minutes wondering if he's been smothered in the night. I try to tell myself he's fine and to go back to sleep - if he's been smothered there's nothing I can do about it now anyway.

6:41 am - Corbin starts crying. I sigh a breath of relief. Head upstairs to nurse.

7:00 am - Lay Corbin back down and go back to bed. Really need to pee but don't want to wake up Hayden!! I'd rather sleep.

7:30 am - Hear Hayden coughing in his room, cough sounds worse today. Get up and make him some Gatorade and Robitussin instead of milk.

7:45 am - Go into Hayden's room with Gatorade concoction. Hayden stamps his feet in disapproval when he sees that his sippy cup does not have milk in it. Head back to the kitchen for milk.

7:50 am - Must pee!!!!

8:00 am - Change really gross yucky diaper on Hayden

8:03 am - Cut up bananas for Hayden, hear Corbin fussing upstairs. Turn on the PBS morning shows.

8:05 am - Go upstairs to find Corbin's diaper has leaked, ugh. Bring him downstairs to change his diaper.

8:10 am - Nurse Corbin.

8:30 am - Make coffee, decide to go with caffeinated instead of decaf since today is laundry and cleaning day.

8:35 am - Check email, read blogs, coffee.

9:06 am - Coffee is gone, time to do dishes...ugh. Throw in a load of laundry then head to the kitchen.

9:25 am - Corbin wants some quick mommy time.

9:30 am - TV turns off for the morning. Start picking up the living room.

9:35 am - Dryer buzzes. Fold clothes and put away. Take dance breaks with Hayden. One of his favorite CDs is on - Gypsy Kings.

10:00 am - Put Corbin down for a nap.

10:01 am - Sort laundry and put in another load.

10:05 am - Back to picking up the living room...Hayden isn't helping this task. He leaves destruction in his wake. Read a quick book to Hayden.

10:25 am - Living room is sort of picked up. Take a quick break and read a blog.

10:28 am - Time to put away dishes and do a few more...ugh

10:41 am - Done with another sink full, but no I still am not DONE done. Time to strip the beds. Wishing Hayden wasn't sick because it's 70 degrees outside!! Wahoo. Great weather for the park, but I don't want Hayden running around with his wheezing. Booo. Maybe we'll walk tonight.

10:55 am - In an effort to get Hayden to SIT STILL so his coughing and wheezing can calm down, I put in Toy Story 2. Hopefully, he'll quiet down a bit. I'll sit an relax a bit...

11:14 am - Pull clothes out of dryer and fold. Put in another load. Corbin wakes up.

11:30 am - Phone rings, talk to a friend while nursing Corbin.

11:59 am - Start making lunches for Hayden and I.

12:15 pm - Hayden and I eat lunch while Corbin plays

12:45 pm - Put Hayden down for a nap, move Corbin from the activity mat to the swing. Now maybe I can get dressed, hahaha. Hmmm...Corbin wants Mommy time, so much for getting dressed.

1:00pm - Put Corbin down for a nap.

1:01 pm - Make a quick low carb dessert. Pull out the chicken for dinner tonight. Take an hour to relax.

1:30 pm - Time to pull out my Bible and spend some time in peace.

2:00 pm - Read some email/blogs. Try to convince Mark to go to the Library tonight! I want to get a library card. He has other plans...bah!

2:43 pm - Ack, I've been online way too long - but get back to laundry. Hayden is banging around in his room. I'm not sure he actually took a nap. I'll wait and see...

2:49 pm - Mark's "other plans" fell through - we CAN go to the library - yippee!

2:50 pm - I am SO unmotivated. Maybe getting dressed will help.

2:53 pm - OK now I am unmotivated with clothes on...I really need to water the plants before Hayden gets up. He hates it when I go outside without him.

3:33 pm - Wow, it is beautiful outside!!! I could play out there all afternoon. But I must think of my munchkins. Hayden needs another Gatorade cocktail and Corbin needs to wake up from his nap. But I did get to water and weed the front flower bed. Oh yeah and continued another load of laundry...I think just have the kids clothes left and I'm done for the week.

3:35 pm Nurse Corbin.

3:50 pm - Hayden sounds awful, time for another breathing treatment. This time he sits in my lap peacefully instead of fighting. A miracle.

4:20 pm - Breathing treatment over, even Corbin was peaceful. Time to empty the trash cans. More laundry

4:30 pm - Corbin needs some mommy time. Snuggle on the couch.

5:00pm - Put Corbin down for a nap. Play with Hayden.

5:30pm - Corbin isn't interested in napping. Mix some formula and feed Corbin. Mark comes home.

5:45 pm - We all head out for a walk in the gorgeous weather. Library idea is "shelved" since Hayden is feeling bad.

6:30 pm - Start making dinner.

7:00 pm - Everyone eats, relaxes.

7:30pm - Mix up another batch of gatorade and Robitussin.

7:35 pm - Nurse Corbin.

8:00pm - Off to HEB for some much needed groceries.

9:00 pm - Back from HEB, put away groceries and show off my healthy buys.

9:30 pm - I'm gonna prove Mark wrong and go for a run, so there! First I measure out Corbin's medicine for Mark. Dig deep into the drawer for my sports bra. Booo, I can't find my favorite one.

9:50 pm - Ha! Done and I ran the whole route. Mark put Corbin down after feeding him, but he's crying :(

And that's a day so I'll end there!!


Robyn said...

Woohoo, sleeping through the night! Grats!!

AndreAnna said...

Yay for the sleeping!

Your days make ME need a nap.

Gail said...

You left out the part about how the friend you spoke to was completely psychotic,lol