Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adjusting my Perspective

Today was a hard day...or is ? It's only 4pm. After cleaning the house for Bunco last night (which was awesome and fun as always), I woke up exhausted and feeling a bit run down. When my alarm went off I hit snooze and wished I could just curl up under my covers all day. But that's not possible.

Thump Thump Thump was coming from Hayden's room. He's heard my alarm and wants me to know that he is ready to GET UP!

Five more minutes...just five more. Five becomes 10 and then I throw the covers off and drag myself into the kitchen. I've got to get everyone ready and in the car by 9am. It's 7:45am.

I make mental notes of everything to do. Change diapers, change clothes, feed, nurse, make bottles for traveling, fill sippy cups and snack bag for Hayden, organize diaper bags, and oh yeah get myself ready and fed.

We've got a full day - Conversation English at 9:30am, Lunch with a friend afterwards, and finally Chiropractor appointments for all three of us at 1:15pm.

I get half way to my destination when I realize I've forgotten my materials for Conversational English. There's no time to turn back since I still have to check in the kids at the on-site nursery before class and I have a full group today since I'm taking over for another person while she's on vacation.

I get to the nursery and realize I have ONE diaper left for Corbin. We've been stealing diapers out of the diaper bag at night because most of our diaper stash is in Hayden's room - I don't want to wake him to grab one. This will be interesting since we will be out until 2:30 today.

After we finished CE I picked up the kids. Corbin had a blow out and was in a strange outfit (even though I had an extra outfit in the diaper bag they didn't use it) and I got the comment about Hayden - "He's all BOY isn't he?" Which is code for your kid is a nut.

Lunch at my friends house was nice as always, of course having two toddlers together is a bit like trying to mix oil and water. They bring out each others less fun traits.

I headed to the chiro afterwards but Hayden was quite grumpy at this point. He had a complete meltdown when I got my adjustment. He did NOT like me getting up on the table. You'd think I was screaming or dying or something. Nope, I'm just laying on the table while he throws himself down on the floor screaming. Mr. Chiro says, "At least he expresses his anger, some kids just try to jump up on the table to save Mom." Yes, he's never had a problem expressing his anger.

Corbin was an angel through this whole day of course. Hayden was not interested in his adjustment and was in meltdown mode by the end. The receptionist as we're leaving says, "You're so patient with him". Code for: Your kid is a nut.

And then we all got to GO HOME. I love you home. And nap time, I love nap time too.


When I pulled the driveway, unloaded all the bags and the baby, and came back out to the car for my sleeping toddler, it hit me. I lifted his sleeping little body from his car seat and into my arms. He immediately nuzzled his little head into the crook of my neck and drifted back into sleep. This was my boy. My baby. My baby who loves to be chased and run. Who loves cars and trains and trucks. Who gives the cutest kisses. Who smile lights up a room. Who has gorgeous eyes. Who hugs me and pulls on the back of my skirt to show me something. Who has more energy than any 3 toddlers put together. And though today he might be all BOY, one day he will be all MAN - and that's what I'm raising. I will channel that energy and spirit but not break it. I will teach him to be gentle and sweet, but still let him be rough and tumble.

And I will enjoy him for who he is and where he's at, not stress over what I think he should be.

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LeftyMama said...

Such a sweet boy! And a smart mama.

On the days that we have to leave the house early, I find that things are SO much easier if I lay out the clothes & prepare the food/drinks the night before. Doing it after Samson goes to bed takes less time, since I don't get interrupted. Then, when we get up in the morning, I feel much less frazzled & better able to remember the other details I need to cover. Plus, I have more time to make myself presentable (which is usually the step that gets cut if I run out of time, and then I'm "that" poor mom with the greasy pony-tail, an unwashed face, no deodorant, and fuzzy teeth - ew).

Now that I'm speaking of it, I think I should put a toothbrush & paste in the glove compartment for just such emergencies....