Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My place in this world

This morning I got a call from Network World magazine. They were going to send me a white paper on...well I don't remember what he said I was too busy laughing.

You see, before I had the honor of becoming the mother of these two precious boys I read things like Network World and cared (a little) about white papers and new technologies.

I tested software, and it was a little more involved than just UI clicking or what not. I developed tools that spoofed IP addresses, learned the inner workings of routers, learned all I could about TCP/UDP protocols, I prided myself on knowing the ins and outs of each of our products. If you wanted to know how something worked, I could tell you. If support had a strange problem, I could help them work through it. Knowledge was my pursuit.

And here I find myself laughing as I told the poor telemarketer that I was no longer in the field. A bit of an understatement. No I have definitely left the field. I got the biggest promotion of my life and I hope I live up to the expectations my "employers" have for me. We're each designed for something - and I know for a fact "motherhood" is not everyone's calling. But it is mine, which is why I say it's the biggest promotion of MY life. I've always known that motherhood would be my profession. It was just in my blood - I could FEEL it.

I was always "good" at my job, it came easy to me. But I was just biding my time. I know that this is my calling because it isn't easy. Every day is a challenge. I'm never bored. I'm always learning. I'm never stagnant. I'm always growing. And I never want to be anywhere else. I may get tired, I may get frustrated, I may get discouraged - but I never want to be doing anything else. This is where I want to be. And nowhere else.

I belong here.

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea what white papers are, except they are papers and they are white? :)

Yes, being a mommy is a great job. I can't imagine missing out on the joys (and stressors) that each day brings.