Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's Go For a Walk

Today we went out and enjoyed the Fall weather with another walk to the duck pond. I thought I'd share the walk with you in case you're stuck inside today!!!

The view right off the trail of a little stream headed to the pond.

The boys on the trail...waiting for me stop taking pictures

Corbin...just relaxing.

Heading down into the park

The ducks ... way far away

Almost there!

And after much playing, and swinging on Mommy's lap, we went home!!!

Time for lunch.


Gail said...

Roland and I should join you soon!
Though that means I have to grow balls to drive alone with him in the car,lol

LeftyMama said...

Yes, the weather today is so awesome! We played out in the yard this morning and are planning our own trip to the Wells Branch duck pond after naptime. Loving the autumn!!!!!

Maybe we can have a playdate on Thursday?

P.S. I thank you & also curse you for the singing Cars book. Samson loves it TOO much. After about an hour of that song on Sunday, Mama had to put that book in time out ;o)