Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Need One of These...

Need one of what? You need one of THESE...a cute, smiling, bundle of joy. I now understand the phrase "bundle of joy", NOTHING on this earth could send as much joy into my heart as these little gifts from God. A smile from him and I melt. It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had, he instantly transports me to a place of joy.

I had never felt that joy before having children. How sad is that?

Of course, that joy comes with a price. And I'm not talking about the work that's involved with raising children. These little bundles of joy can also cause some of our greatest heartache. It breaks my heart to think that one day someone is going to hurt his feelings. One day he will cry from injustice. One day he will brave this big bad world alone. And one day he will die. My desperate prayer is that I am not alive when that day comes. Our children really ARE our hearts walking around outside our bodies. And to think 3 years ago I didn't know them, I'd never seen them, and I'd never held them. And now I would die for them. Amazing.

So here's to not wasting a minute of our precious time on this earth with them. Let's enjoy those we've been given to love.

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