Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie...Revealed

So it's been a week, so I guess I'll end the suspense:

#1 I have had plastic surgery: TRUE

And no I haven't had a boob or nose job. I suffered 3rd degree burns on almost the entire underside of my arm when I was three so I've gone through quite a few skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries. It takes some people years to notice - the under side of your arm is apparently not very conspicuous. HA! Having it pretty much my whole life has just made it apart of me. In fact, if God said, "Hey Mel, I'll give you a whole new perfect body free of the scars". I'd probably say, "Naw, that's ok - it doesn't really bother me! In fact, they kind of make me, well me. But I wouldn't mind losing 20 lbs! You can definitely fix that".

#2 I went jet skiing 6 months pregnant: TRUE

Actually, Mark has corrected me and said I was in fact, 7 months preggo with Hayden. But whatever. I'm still not sure what we were thinking at the time. Of course we didn't go fast or doing anything crazy or stupid, but still, haha.

#3 I've never left the continently US: FALSE

Okay people, I live in Texas! Mexico is just a hop skip and a jump - so we've definitely crossed the border. We also went to Hawaii about 5 years ago! But other than that - my travels are few. :(

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