Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Will Survive...

So we've hit that glorious 3 day mark in the progression of the cold - AKA the worst day. At this point one of two things will happen, either A.) Tomorrow he'll start getting better or B.) The cold will turn into something worse like an infection.

Today is the day where the snot pours and the whining goes nonstop. Although his ability to get himself into trouble is still at an all time high, only now any correction sends him into major meltdown mode. It's amazing how much they can still play and be active even when they obviously feel like crap.

Today I will fight with him over wiping his little runny nose, I will wrestle with him to finish breathing treatments, and I will change a million diapers. I will pin him to the ground to get tylenol in him and trick him into drinking his robitussin in gatorade.

I will attempt to keep big bro and little bro separated and sanitize my hands until the skin shrivels up from overuse.

Generally, if I can survive today, the hard part is over. As long has he doesn't develop something else. And with the way he's running around here, I'm hopeful that he's on his way to recovery soon.

Oh and I had a dream last night I started a maid service. Which is HILARIOUS considering I can't even keep my own house clean. HA HA HA.


elliek said...

Hmmm...thinking out having kids? Not today!

Although I am sorry you are dealing with the colds

Robyn said...

Well, you know, if you want to test run your maid service at my house... ;)

We'll miss you tomorrow!