Friday, October 3, 2008

It's A Disney Movie Kind of Day

Well, my baby has now graduated from the big swing (pictured here first) to the older baby swing. He was becoming less and less interested in swinging/sleeping to his little hearts content. Now he wants ENTERTAINMENT!!! What can I look at, touch, or slober on? Is he really already 3 1/2 months old? Noooooo, that can't be right. It feels just like last week that the little guy hit the escape button and made his way into this world.

As I type this a small army of toddler toys has made it's way into our living room and I am sure they are now organizing a plan of attack for barricading me in the house forever. I am particularly leery of Mater (ya know, Mater like Tuh Mater without the TUH!) He's staring at me with his usual bucktoothed grin, but I know he's up to something. The firetruck is right behind him scheming. Why is it that ALL of Hayden's toys have eyes? Every single on of these cars have EYES!! Cars don't have eyes...what is wrong with these toy makers. These toys are perfectly scattered to create a wonderful pattern of messiness. But I know the minute I pick up these toys they will all run back out when my back is turned.

My dining room table is still covered with cookbooks from the Great Counter Clean-off of '08. The Lowe's guy came over a week ago and I've yet to return everything to the kitchen. I like it without the extra clutter, but the clutter just moved to the dining room. Kinda hard to eat dinner surrounded by dusty cookbooks.

My kitchen, although not cluttered, has gone on strike and dishes are piling up in the sink, trickling down the counter tops, and hopping the wide gap to the other side of the kitchen. I used the last bowl this morning. BAH! I'm not quite sure how it got this far...something about not doing dishes I hear.

Last night was CRAP!! And I can't even blame it on my kiddos. No they were angels, it was my back that was the devil!! I woke up at 3 am in a lot of pain, unable to go to sleep. I gobbled some tylenol and waited it out. I finally realized my couch "bed" isn't helping the back situation so I moved to the bed. Not before I hooked up the baby monitor though. I didn't feel too bad about sleeping downstairs while Corbin was upstairs since it was practically morning anyway - so there PROBABLY wouldn't be a fire in the next 2-3 hours... Sheesh, we Moms are paranoid. I may have to permanently move back to bed due to the back situation, but I had hoped to do that when Corbin moved into Hayden's room. But I still think it's too early for that. They would just wake each other up all night I think and I'm enjoying both of them sleeping through the night.

So this makes today STINK! I am tired, and the back is still a bit sore. I had planned on doing our morning walk to the duck pond, but I KNOW my back wouldn't appreciate the 80 lbs of stroller pushing. And being tired I am in no way motivated to do all the work I need to do today so that we can not go completely insane this weekend because of a dirty house. Maybe somehow I can piece together some housework to make this place look better. But as for toddler's a Disney movie kind of day.

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Mikey's Blah Blah Blog said...

Glad to see that our worlds sometime intersect... every one of my days is a Disney movie kind of day! :)

Uncle Mikey
Sr. Manager, Production Technology
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