Friday, October 24, 2008


I ordered the T-Shirts for the MS Walk today and they should be here in 2 weeks. Looks like the final price per shirt will be $9.05! Not bad!! Thanks for all those who ordered one - it really helped us keep the cost per shirt down. I love you guys!! And I'm so excited that we have so many joining us this year!!!

Put it in your calendars - November 16th!

P.S. We ordered some extra shirts: 2 Larges, 1 XL in case you missed the ordering time! So if those sizes work for you and you've changed your mind and want a shirt, let me know!


txaggiechick said...

Yippeee! It's on my calendar! I am hoping I don't have to fly to Brazil. I will be back in Austin Wed! let's get together soon! Hugs!

Jendawg said...

Thanks for getting this together, Mel. We love Mark and support him all the way!