Monday, October 27, 2008

A Business That Cares

Wow! I am blown away. I do business with so many places that could care less about their customers that when I encounter one that takes an interest - I'm shocked!!

As you all have read, we've ordered T-shirts for our upcoming MS Walk. We ordered them from Custom Ink primarily because I loved their online designing option. It was really easy to use and had lots of options.

But just now I got an email from them:

Hi Melissa,

I noticed that you have designed shirts that appear to be for a charity event. If that’s the case, CustomInk would love to make a small donation to your team or to the charity itself on your behalf!

Please let me know if your order is for one of these events. If you would like us to pitch in and support your cause, please include information about your charity event, a link if you have one or the organization’s name if there is no link to a team web page.

Warmest Regards,

Laney Caspio

How cool is that? So I really have to rave about them now! Not only were they easy to do business with, had reasonable prices, more options, free shipping, and fast processing time - but they also take the time to notice that our shirts were for a charity event (which wasn't obvious from the design) and wanted to offer support! I love it. Man if we could get more businesses involved I'd be a walking billboard if I need to!! Anything for the cause.

Just had to share that!!


txaggiechick said...

Did you just say 'easy to do business with'? That's awesome. And very cool of them. I'm going to use them from now on... for all of my printing needs. See ya sometime this week? I'm back from Dallas on Wed/thurs. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. They have just earned my buisness for the Lupus walk in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Cool, that is awesome!