Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

So here's a fun game...

I'm going to tell you 3 things about myself. Two of them are true, one is a lie. You tell me which one is the lie.

1. I have had plastic surgery.
2. I went jet skiing 6 months pregnant.
3. I've never left the continental US.

Good luck!

Oh and for more fun - post YOUR two truths and a lie. Let's see if we can guess!!!


Metamorphis said...

Number 2 is the lie...please tell me Number 2 is the lie,lol.

Anonymous said...

I thought you have been to Hawaii once before ??...hmmmm.

Jendawg said...

#3 is the untruth!

Shelley said...

number 2 has to be the lie...

1. I put make up on G.W. Bush when he was governor of TX.
2. I sang the national anthem for the video game, "Trivial Pursuit: The Millenium Edition".
3. I earned my scuba diving certificate in Costa Rica.

Just Me said...

Shelley - Is #1 the lie?

LeftyMama said...

Oh, man, think it's gotta be #2. The only way I could see you doing that would be if you were unaware that you were pregnant at the time, and 6 mos is pretty late to be unaware.

Here are mine:

1. I played piccolo in the high school band.
2. My father is 1/4 Cherokee, which makes me 1/8 & eligible to join the nation.
3. I know all the words to every Merle Haggard song.