Thursday, October 30, 2008

He Makes Me Special

Have you ever been laying with your baby and suddenly thought:

There is someone in this world whose one desire is to spend every minute with me.

If he could be anywhere, he'd want to be right in my arms.

If anyone could nurse him, he'd choose me.

If he could sleep anywhere, he'd want to snuggle up next to me.

I am special.

He makes me special.


It All Started With a Kiss said...

Aw, yes you're right.
My husband reminds me of this when it is late in the evening, I am strung out and weary from holding my baby all day, and he is crying for ME, refusing to go to anyone else.
"You're his favorite person in the whole world" he tells me. "What's it like to have someone love you SO MUCH?" he asks.
And I have to smile.

MZ said...

He always gives me those huge smiles when he sees me but I know that you are by far his favorite person in the world. I can try for an hour to sooth his fussing but can't come close to what you do for him within seconds. Mamas are so incredibly special and amazing. I'm awed everytime I see your mama magic at work!